Reveal Your Power and Raise Your Prosperity in Mastermind With Entrepreneurs

This is a powerful full-service vehicle to implement action steps and achieve your goals...

Set yourself up on the path to becoming a Master Of Your Reality !

Our mastermind is an intimate elite online group with a maximum of 10 participants in a Mastermind setting. In this program, we set you up on the path to becoming a Master Of Your Reality. You will access the most efficient principles based on Psychology, Quantum Physics, and Spirituality.

Our purpose is to see you manifest your personal and professional goals through dynamic group-guided interactions and teamwork exchanges. Sessions take place bi-monthly with a minimum commitment of 3 months.

Is this program for you?

  • This is for you if you’ve tried without success a myriad of tools, techniques, and teachings on reality creation.
  •  You’ve invested time and money in Personal Transformation, self-improvement, LOA, healing, awareness, and reprogramming modalities and you are tired of being on a roller coaster repeating the same patterns in finances, business, or relationships.
  • The journey is all about Reality Creation helping you meet your personal and professional goals through implementing real-life Quantum Manifestation principles, group interactions, case discussion, and teamwork exchanges.
  • Led by Marie Françoise 
  • Meetings are twice a month via Zoom. Minimum commitment of 3 months.

NOTE: This program is 𝗡𝗢𝗧 𝗳𝗼𝗿 EVERYONE. Commitment is everything to us as we found that people who are committed take action in their lives, are more fun to work with, and are quick manifestors. We only work with people who are committed to invest and take action from day ONE. A one-on-one FREE discovery call of 45 minutes is mandatory to qualify for this program. Please PM us to book your call.

What will you get from our Discovery Call together?

  • Assessment of your life directions and what gets in the way of your goals.
  • Identify precisely your sabotage mechanism that prevents you to move in the direction of your goals.
  • Get to know who we are and see if we are a fit for each other’s

I'm looking forward to being with you online soon. 

Love and Freedom 

xxx Marie Françoise

Why a Collective Intelligence Gathering?...

To keep your energy high and the momentum of your 5 F's (Finance, Family, Faith, Fitness, Fun) after a coaching experience or simply if you wish to join a support group of leaders entrepreneurs to raise your life to higher heights of prosperity.

PS: This mastermind is limited to 10 participants to stay in an intimate setting.

" We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

Albert Einstein - Theoretical Physicist"

Meet twice a month.

• • •

A commitment of 3 to 12 months to your personal growth and live the higher version of yourself with a mastermind support group.

Bimonthly revision of your 5 F's in individual sharing + live coaching + Accelerated Evolution process of group/answers to questions + learning of basic protocols in Accelerated Evolution and Quantum Physics.

You will be placed in partnership with a person of the group with a rotation once a month.

Due to the private and exclusive nature of this mastermind and the limited number of participants, registration is done on an eligibility interview basis.