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Marie -Francoise is dedicated to helping business leaders grow personally and professionally. Her passion for transformation of human potential inspired her to establish her coaching practice via her company: LUCID LIVING NOW..


With an MBA at the University of San Francisco and a proven career as a businesswoman, Marie Françoise has developed her unique approach to personalized coaching. A Senior Coach of "Accelerated Evolution Academy" and several other methods, Marie combines her 15 years of experience in the field of international real estate investment, high finance, and private financing.

A French citizen and based in Quebec, a citizen of the world, Marie shares her time between Mexico, Montreal, and France. She loves more than anything to work with her heart. She has a passion to help and transform the lives of people around the world through her individual and group coaching. Marie's experience and ultimate passion help people find their way of life and their deepest aspirations. Marie's unique coaching helps individuals overcome their inner barriers that lead to an improved version of themselves.


Master’s in Business Administration

San Francisco University, California, USA

Feng Shui Practitioner Certification,

Peter Leung

Toronto, Canada

Intensive Soul Coaching, Denise Line California, USA

Space Alignment Training, Denise Line California, USA

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Intensive Niurka

California, USA

Quantum Leap Graduate

Peak Potentials (New Peaks)

Canada and USA

Life Coaching Intensive, Raja S & S Accelerated Evolution Academy

British Columbia, Canada

Mentor and Life Intensive Coach

Peak Potentials

Canada and USA

Senior Master Coach in Accelerated Evolution S & S Raja Coaching – Accelerated Evolution Academy

British Columbia, Canada

Integra, Level 1. Vladimir Stovakovich



It allows dissolving inner conflicts, emotional knots, and stored traumas.

• • • 

The purpose is the natural emergence of peace of mind and comfortable and effortless life.

• • • 

The modalities and protocoles used act on your unconscious and your dualities, which are the roots of your emotional charges and imbalances.

• • • 

Many modalities used in my coaching were created by my 2 mentors Denise Linn and Zivorad Slavinsky and broadcast in North America by Satyen Raja, a mentor to many international leaders. 



• Overcome addiction to alcohol and drugs

• Stop any unwanted addictions

Chronic problems

• Eliminate hard core or chronic problems


• Overcome phobias and fear in general

Specifically overcome fear of:

• death

• exams

• flying

• heights

• public speaking

• spiders

• doctors / hospitals / the sight of blood

Freedom / Fulfilled

• Feel liberated

• Feel fulfilled

• Feel complete just as you are


• Increase your potential to achieve your goals

• Experience high levels of personal potentials in all areas of life

• Remove all the obstacles that are blocking you towards your desires and goals

• Remove anything that's blocking your success in life

• Feel more gratitude in all areas of your life: faith, family, finances, fitness, etc.

Group setting


• Clear your negative karma

• Overcome guilt

• Be at peace with things you’ve done or failed to do

Truth of Self

• Discover your authentic self

• Have a direct experience of truth

• Find more balance in your life

Use these processes on yourself and others

• Practical and easy-to-use methods which can be used on yourself and others

• Easily help yourself and others with problems, challenges, upsets, fears, anxiety,

and disharmony as well as goal creation and integration of desired character


Love Language

• Learn your new language of love by finding what you wanted most as a child and

didn’t get enough of so that you can give the gift you never got

• Become more loving

(Transform) Negative into Positive States

• Easily clear negative reactions and unwanted states by transforming them into

positive states

Overcome Emotional Pain

• (Feelings of) abandonment

• aggression

• aggressive behaviour

• alienation

• anger

• annoyance

• anxiety

• anything that you perceive as a problem

• apathy

• aversion

• avoidance

• awkwardness

• boredom

• compulsiveness of any type

• confusion

• cravings

• depression

• despair

• detestability

• devastation

• disapproval

• disgust

• disillusionment

• dismay

• disrespect

distance from family and friends

• distraction

• embarrassment

• envy

• feeling anger when stuck in traffic

• feeling irritated from your physical pain

• feeling suspicious

• feeling threatened

• feeling withdrawn

• feelings of being frightened or terrified

• feelings of inferiority

• frustration

• grief

• guilt

• hatefulness

• hesitancy

• hostility

• humiliation

• hurt feelings

• ignorance

• inadequacy

• indifference

• insecurities – not good enough, beautiful enough, strong enough, young enough,


• insecurity about not having enough money

• insecurity in general

• insignificance

• irritability

• isolation

• jealousy

• judgement

• loathing

• loneliness

• negative karma

• overeating

• overwhelm

• panic attacks

• powerlessness

• problems in relationship

• procrastination, inability to complete things

• rage

• rejection

• remorse

• repugnance

• repulsion

• resentfulness

• resistance to something or someone

• revulsion

• ridicule

• sadness

• sarcasm

• shame

• shock

• skepticism

• sorrow

• uncomfortable communications with

• others

• undesirable behaviour

• victimization

• vulnerability

• weaknesses

• worry

• worthlessness


• Overcome emotional symptoms from PTSD

• Reality

• Transform your entire reality from the emotions and attitudes experienced in

everyday life, behaviours in different areas of reality, the way you perceive

yourself and the people around you, values and the reality in which you live

• Allow access to an alternative reality, to an exceptionally broader state of

awareness, the infinite unit of existence and transcendence of physics

• Discreate and create reality


• Improve the quality of all of your relationships

• Eliminate disharmonies in relationships, family dynamics, and work situations

• Overcome uncomfortable communications with others

• Overcome problems in all relationships

• Overcome resistance to someone else or to something in general

• Overcome distance from family and friends

• Integrate criticalness of others

Self Sabotage

• Neutralize self-defeating patterns, self-limiting beliefs, and self-sabotaging barriers

• Neutralize subconsciously suppressed emotions, blockages, and traumas

• Remove self-sabotaging, subconscious barriers like suppressed and unresolved

emotions from past negative experiences

• Eliminate self-defeating patterns or self-limiting beliefs that are blocking your

success in life

Peace / Inspiration

• Enjoy peacefulness

• Become inspired

• Understand how to drop importance while still feeling hopeful

• Feel a state of oneness, pleroma and equilibrium


• Experience a positive permanent shift in the quality of your life

• Resolve the actual causes of your issues efficiently, quickly and forever

• Obtain a state of enlightenment

Personality Characteristics

• Embody desired personality characteristics and traits

• Integrate personality change on the subconscious level

• Integrate unwanted identities

• Awaken positive characteristics and personality traits, positive emotional states

and desirable identities

• Integrate up to 5 different character traits at the same time

Personal Growth

• Experience personal growth and enjoyment of life

• Improve your life performance

• Regain the time and energy that you may be wasting on dysfunctional patterns of

which you’re not even aware

• Improve your effectiveness and efficiency

• Free yourself to pursue what you truly desire in life

•Work towards your highest potential to become the person you really want to be

• Acquire new desired skills

• Improve self confidence

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